Weekend Wishlist


Hello August, the hottest. We stepped into the last month of summer. Slowly have to say good bye to the hot rays of sun, golden skin and endless summer nights. So don’t waste your time sitting at home (as I do now), go and spend the day out. Today’s Weekend Wishlist is all about beach wear. It’s high time to get a serious tanned look before the bad weather hits.

You can find all of the items here.


Weekend Wishlist

weekend wishlist

From now on you can find a new type of post on the blog. Every weekend I’m going to share with you guys an outfit I wish to own, I would love to wear. There will be both designer and fast fashion items. But the point is not on the brands. The point is to achieve the look. Hope my outfit ideas gonna inspire you all out there!;)
This I collected from the: http://www.net-a-porter.com/

Új bejegyzés rovattal bővül a blog mostantól. Minden hétvégén megosztok veletek egy áhított szettet, ún. kívánságlistát. Hol magasabb, hol alacsonyabb árfekvésű dolgokat fogok összeválogatni. De a lényeg sosem a márkán van, hanem a look-on. Remélem inspirálóan hatnak majd az outfit ötleteim!;)
Ez alkalommal innen válogattam: http://www.net-a-porter.com/